Life in Lockdown: How We’re Sticking Together

We’ve been in lockdown for a while now, long enough to establish our very own at-home routines. Figuring out how businesses are working from home differs.

Back in the high-performance game

My first encounter with the PowerVR GPU was helping the then VideoLogic launch boards for Matrox in Europe. Not long after I joined the company, working.

IMG B-Series – a multi-core revolution for a new world

In December 2019 (in what seemed like a different world) we announced IMG A-Series, which, as the fastest GPU IP ever created, we were proud to describe.

The long and winding road to autonomous cars

The past has a habit of making promises that the future struggles to keep. By 2001, we were supposed to be encountering black monoliths around the orbit.

Introducing the Ray Tracing Levels System – and what it will mean for gaming

If you’ve even got one eye on the graphics market you can’t help but have noticed that there’s a considerable buzz around ray tracing – a new paradigm for.

Why electric cars matter for the IP electronics industry

The second electric car revolution is almost upon us. The first, in case you were wondering, was in the 1960s, when, you may be surprised to learn, there.

What is PVRTune Complete?

Along with our SDK and Tools, we also have a plethora of other offerings for developers to get the best out of PowerVR-based devices. Today, we’ll be.

Vulkan synchronisation and graphics-compute-graphics hazards: Part 2

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and ping-pong the queues

In this article, we are referring to the various problems we encountered when it comes to.

Vulkan synchronisation and graphics-compute-graphics hazards: Part I

Vulkan synchronisation scenarios: the use case

In modern rendering environments, there are a lot of cases where a compute workload is used during a frame..