How International Women in Engineering Day teaches us that we can all be innovators

This year for International Women in Engineering Day (Thursday 23rd June), the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) is looking towards the future, focusing.

Introducing Open Access: SoC design for everyone

Today, three technology trends are driving the future of the semiconductor industry. The first is the move to open-source, which is fast becoming the new.

Inclusion, not just diversity

With Pride Month upon us, it felt like the ideal time to shine a light on diversity and inclusion. These are terms that are often drawn together in a.

Fast, thin, and light: the real scoop on power-efficient GPUs for laptops

If you’ve bought a laptop recently, the chances are that your system is architected differently now than it was even a couple of years ago and designs are.

Seeing what’s not there. IMG Series 4 NNA meets Visidon’s deep-learning-based Super Resolution technology.

Last year I read a fascinating article on LinkedIn about using deep-learning-based super-resolution networks to increase the apparent detail contained in.

Beyond HMI and graphics – why GPUs matter for autonomy

Autonomous vehicle (AV) development is gaining momentum, with major players such as Renesas, driving innovation for Level 2+ and Level 3 solutions, part.

Imagination and our commitment to open source

As you may have heard, Imagination is now delving into the world of open source and an initial merge request for an early Vulkan® driver and compiler for.

How Imagination GPUs power smart TVs

 With the fast development and maturity of 5G, big data and AI technologies, the concepts such as smart home and AIoT are becoming a reality.

Success in the consumer space: Imagination’s ongoing story

Imagination has been around for over twenty years and in that time its technology has appeared in millions of devices. With more people choosing to stay.