Review: Retroid Pocket 3 – a handheld retro gaming system featuring Imagination’s PowerVR GPU

GoRetroid, the creator of the Retroid Pocket 3, is well-known in the retro handheld gaming community, most notably for its ultra-reliable products and.

Truly global illumination: ray tracing for the masses

In 2021, Imagination introduced the world’s first real-time, hardware-based ray tracing GPU solution designed to maximise the visual impact within the.

The 8 most exciting companies working in self driving

Self-driving cars come in many forms. Whether it's a shuttle-bus system that follows a strict route day in and day out, or a car that will reverse park.

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The government must protect R&D spending in its Autumn Statement: the UK’s future as a science and technology superpower depends on it.

Self-Compressing Neural Networks

The last decade of AI research has been characterised by the exploration of the potential of deep neural networks. The advances we have seen in recent.

The semiconductor IP business: the Imagination overview

I was recently privileged to be asked to deliver a keynote on the semiconductor IP business to a distinguished group of engineers at the IEEE SoC.

Celebrating 30 years of PowerVR: looking back - moving forward

As the Queen will tell you, anniversaries give you a chance to step back and take stock, to see how far you have come and to celebrate your achievements,.

Why semiconductors must be at the heart of the government’s digital strategy

The launch of the government’s much-anticipated Digital Strategy at London Tech Week in June 2022, was a key moment in signalling its commitment to.

Celebrating our BrightSparks in 2022

I was honoured to be asked to be on the judging panel of the Electronics Weekly (EW) BrightSparks 2022 awards, celebrating the brightest and most talented.