Imagination APXM-6200 CPU: Performance Meets Trust

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Mar 25, 2024  |  2 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer and industrial applications where the demand for innovation in performance and efficiency is relentless, we proudly introduce the second product of our Catapult CPU range: Imagination APXM-6200 CPU. This 64-bit, highly efficient RISC-V application processor has the AI capabilities and performance density to propagate advanced user experiences across all smart home devices and industrial applications. Equipped with an 11-stage, dual-issue pipeline, Vector extensions, as well as multi-core support, APXM-6200 is poised to transform the way we experience computing. 


APXM-6200 redefines performance density, enabling SoC designers to bring best-in-class capabilities to devices in a very small silicon area. This CPU's performance outshines equivalent Arm cores by up to 65%, all within a smaller form factor, delivering a remarkable 2.5x improvement in performance density. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, allowing customers to choose between single-, dual-, and quad-core configurations. The inclusion of cache coherency and per-core power control ensures maximum system efficiency, giving users the flexibility to tailor performance to their specific requirements. 

Prepare for the future as APXM-6200's performance density combined with AI acceleration makes advanced smart home experiences more affordable. Featuring RISC-V Vector extensions, a wide set of compute libraries, and features for fast data coupling with AI accelerators, this CPU is ready to meet the growing demand for AI in the home and industry, spanning from far-field voice detection to image recognition/classification to smart controls and anomaly detection.  

APXM-6200 isn't just a standalone powerhouse; it's designed to harmonize seamlessly with Imagination GPUs, with a 2x increase in bus utilisation, and a 2x reduction in memory traffic when running graphics workloads. Drawing on decades of GPU IP design experience, we guarantee not only optimal integration but also peak combined performance on System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures. This compatibility provides customers with the confidence to push the boundaries of performance while maintaining a streamlined and cost-effective integration process. 


Enhancing customer confidence in migrating to a new ISA is crucial for its successful adoption. Central to this is fostering trust in the security story. As we’ve outlined in our RISC-V CPU security blog post, security is not an afterthought but a cornerstone in the development of APXM-6200. From its inception, this CPU is designed to seamlessly operate within industry standard security systems. The APXM-6200 leverages RISC-V Supervisor Domains Access Protection to provide a complete security solution from secure boot through to trusted execution. At Imagination, we prioritise the safeguarding of data, ensuring users can trust the integrity of their applications. 

Our RISC-V solutions include the Catapult SDK (Software Development Kit), furnishing embedded developers with all the necessary tools for software development, encompassing writing, building, and debugging for the intended application. Additionally, Imagination extends support to Microsoft's widely used Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment (IDE) through the Catapult Studio extension. This means that any Visual Studio user can seamlessly integrate the Catapult studio extension into their standard development environment directly from the Marketplace. Moreover, developers gain access to QEMU (Quick Emulator) and Catapult software models, enabling them to commence software development immediately, even prior to hardware availability. 

Here at Imagination, we don’t just deliver cutting-edge processor IP. APXM-6200 comes with a comprehensive software ecosystem, meticulously developed to provide end-to-end performance. Through the RISE project, an open-source initiative involving multiple companies of which Imagination is a founding member, we are actively accelerating the development of relevant software stacks for each of APXM-6200’s target application, ensuring a smooth and optimized software development experience. We are confident that by the time APXM-6200 based products are ready to hit the market, the software will not only be ported but also performant and mature.   

Lastly trust comes from the fact that we have a legacy of thirty years in IP design, delivery, and support with quality at the forefront of our business model. Unlike a quantity-focused approach, we prioritise quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our high-calibre engineering team adheres to a rigorous design and verification process, guaranteeing that our products are a testament to our commitment to excellence. 

APXM-6200 is more than a CPU; it's a paradigm shift in performance density, security, and AI acceleration. We invite you to embrace the future of computing with confidence, where seamless integration, optimal performance, and unwavering quality converge to redefine the possibilities of consumer and industrial applications. 

Learn more about Imagination APXM-6200 and be sure to contact us for more information on how we can take your product to the next level. 


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