Jo Jones

How International Women in Engineering Day teaches us that we can all be innovators

This year for International Women in Engineering Day (Thursday 23rd June), the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) is looking towards the future, focusing.

Inclusion, not just diversity

With Pride Month upon us, it felt like the ideal time to shine a light on diversity and inclusion. These are terms that are often drawn together in a.

International Women in Engineering Day 2021: You’re my hero

This year’s International Women in Engineering Day theme is heroes, celebrating the best, brightest and bravest women in engineering. When I was thinking.

Why aren’t more women choosing engineering?

Research by the Women in Engineering Society (WES) concludes that women make up just 12.3% of all engineers in the UK, and only one in five of jobs are.

Imagination: Predictions 2020

As we get into 2020, we know that once again it’s time for the team at Imagination to gaze into its crystal ball to see if we can discern what the year.

Functional Safety: It’s not just about cars

Functional safety, or FuSa, is a term that we’re increasingly discussing with our customers and prospects, particularly in association with automotive and.

Choose Life. Choose STEM. Choose Electronic Engineering.

Deciding on a career is no easy task. After all, they say you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. For some, though, that means that the.

Putting Imagination into Engineering

Whether its computing, electrical, or mechanical, today, engineering touches every aspect of our lives. As such, engineering is frequently positioned as a.

“Not just for boys”: Imagination supports the Inspiring Girls-Hemel Hempstead Project

Jeni Thakrar is the founder of Inspiring Girls-Hemel Hempstead, a project that connects school girls of all ages with inspiring professional women in our.

An industry perspective on PowerVR’s 25th anniversary

As we celebrate 25 years of PowerVR, it’s only right that we also look to those in the industry for their thoughts – from those that worked on the.