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Imagination’s view: The key trends at CES 2018


Who wouldn’t want to be Knight Rider?

In the early 1980s, TV was full of exciting new fantasies about how technology would change our lives. From digital watches that would make us invisible.

When technology gets spooky

As a former technology journalist it’s not often I find myself bamboozled by technology, but the other day it happened. I was in the process of upgrading.

Training convolutional neural networks for efficient inference

As technology buzzwords go, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find two that are more prevalent right now than neural networks and artificial intelligence;.

Neural networks – a guide for my mom

My mother is a retired nurse. She’s an intelligent woman, and when it comes to caring for patients, really knows her stuff. The other day I told her I was.

Why the PowerVR Series2NX NNA is the future of neural net acceleration

For many, PowerVR is closely associated with graphics technology, from the early days of desktop PC gaming to arcade consoles, and later to home consoles.

The dawning of the AI age

I don’t think many would disagree that the key technology trend of the 21st century so far has been the advent of mobile. However today I think we are on.