Ted Hazell

Ted Hazell

Ted is a core member of Imagination's web team, responsible for the maintenance and updating of our corporate website, developer portal, university programme website, among others. With a background in journalism and content marketing, Ted is able to support the creation of interesting blog posts related to all things Imagination.

The Future of Gaming is in the Cloud

When streaming film and TV services were first introduced in 2007 not many believed it would take over in the way that it has. Yet today, when it comes to.

Review: Retroid Pocket 3 – a handheld retro gaming system featuring Imagination’s PowerVR GPU

GoRetroid, the creator of the Retroid Pocket 3, is well-known in the retro handheld gaming community, most notably for its ultra-reliable products and.

The 8 most exciting companies working in self driving

Self-driving cars come in many forms. Whether it's a shuttle-bus system that follows a strict route day in and day out, or a car that will reverse park.