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IMG DXD: A New Horizon for Cloud Gaming

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Nov 7, 2023  |  2 min read

Imagination Technologies has marked a significant leap in technology with the introduction of its IMG DXD GPU. Primarily designed to conquer the ever-expanding cloud gaming arena, DXD isn't confined to just enhancing gaming experiences; it serves as a cost-effective solution, optimising rack density, power efficiency, and overall design costs. This breakthrough holds paramount significance in the PC and desktop markets, encompassing mainstream PC gaming, productivity applications, and the burgeoning cloud gaming sphere.

The ability of DXD to scale into multi-core units is a game-changer, allowing systems to transcend the DirectX* 11 feature level. This enables features like fragment shading rate under the Vulkan API. The execution of shaders in zones, as opposed to individual pixels, significantly reduces computational complexity and bandwidth consumption. This is especially advantageous in scenes with uniform backgrounds, reducing processing, bandwidth, and power requirements.

Here at Imagination Technologies, we boast a rich history in the desktop market, with our PowerVR graphics technology dating back to 1992. With billions of units shipped across diverse markets, including mobile, handheld gaming, and professional applications, we are no newcomer. Our IMG B series, introduced in 2020, represented a pivotal shift in multi-core solutions, expanding into the PC desktop graphics market.

DXD exemplifies our commitment to innovation, offering a remarkable performance boost per core, delivering 2.25 times the performance of our BXT solution. What sets DXD apart is its DirectX feature-level support and Windows application support, covering over 90% of PC gaming content. This makes it a cost-effective, capable, and multi-user-centric solution, tapping into a broader DirectX ecosystem of content.

In the cloud market, our DXD-72-2304 MC2 configuration takes centre stage, offering a dual-core solution with stellar performance metrics. It delivers 144 Gigapixels per second, 4.6 teraflops of compute for FP32, and nearly 18 teraops of AI performance. DXD is highly adaptable to different process nodes and technologies and capable of achieving higher clock frequencies. It also supports various fixed-function blocks, maximising bandwidth utilisation.

Our DXD hardware features numerous power performance efficiency improvements, initially prototyped for the mobile and automotive sectors. Notably, the 2D dual-rate texturing significantly speeds up popular processing types, improving throughput. A native RISC-V firmware processor manages local events within the GPU, alleviating the host CPU's overhead.

The introduction of Pipeline Data Masters is a notable improvement. By allowing setup work to be executed while processing the previous job, idle periods are minimized. DXD also offers comprehensive support for various data types and formats, ensuring versatility.

DXD's performance efficiency gains are substantial, with improvements resulting from architectural enhancements. These gains are evident across different workloads, showcasing impressive results.

High performance and flexibility are essential for cloud gaming, and DXD delivers on both fronts. Multi-core capabilities allow for multiple DXD cores to operate independently or be combined into a single, larger GPU instance. Hyperlane virtualization technology enables multiple independent gamers to use the same GPU core.

In summary, our DXD GPU is not just another product on the market; it's a revolutionary solution poised to redefine the cloud gaming landscape. Its high-performance, feature-rich graphics, and cost-effectiveness position it as a disruptor in the PC and desktop markets. Already licenced by numerous customers targeting desktop and cloud gaming spaces, DXD emphasises performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness across various segments. With strong ecosystem support, advanced software, and standard APIs, DXD promises to make a significant impact in the digital technology space.

This marks not just the end of a chapter but the beginning of a new era in the gaming industry.

*IMG DXD is a GPU IP based on the published DirectX and Khronos API specifications. Hardware designed with this IP is expected to pass conformance testing. 

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