Imagination’s systematic development process certified up to ASIL-D

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Sep 20, 2023  |  1 min read

Functional safety is not a mere nice-to-have. Thanks to the increased role that car electronics play in the actions of a car while it is on the road, verifying that the electronics in a vehicle are reliable, secure, and can "fail safe" is an essential step in the sign-off of any new vehicle. A car with sub-standard functional safety poses a risk to drivers, passengers, and other road users, and the failure of a vehicle results in significant business harm through the cost of recalls and ensuing brand damage.

Each safety-related function that a vehicle performs is assigned an Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) as defined by the Functional Safety for Road Vehicles standard ISO 26262. These levels range from ASIL-A, for lower-risk functions (such as taillights), to ASIL-D, for functions where a resulting accident would either be highly damaging, highly probable, or both.

Imagination is the leading supplier of GPU IP in the automotive sector, with nearly two decades of experience in developing solutions for this market. We adopted a phased approach towards high-integrity IP development, starting with achieving ASIL-B conformance for both product and process.

In 2023, our systematic development process was independently certified by SGS-TÜV Saar up to ASIL-D. This is the highest level of certification an automotive supplier can receive and enables us to create products across CPU, GPU, and AI that fulfil the most demanding customer and market requirements in automotive.

Download our new white paper, The Automotive Transformation, to find out more about the requirements of ASIL-D development.

Our ASIL-certifiable IP reduces the time it takes to develop competitive products for the automotive sector. They contain all the hardware and software features needed to run the complex and diverse workloads of today’s vehicles safely. They also come with formal documentation that reduces the burden of qualifying the hardware for ISO 26262 at the system level, including items such as a safety manual and a case report as standard.

To find out more about Imagination’s range of automotive-grade semiconductor solutions, visit our website or book a meeting with one of the team.

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