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Jan 20, 2015  |  2 min read

CES 2015 was a great way to kick off the new year in style. This time around the focus was placed on refining and improving the user experience rather than innovating; there were also several exciting announcements for IoT, wearables and automotive that highlighted important trends for the next 12 months.

I spent most of my time at our booth situated at the upper level of South Hall 4, welcoming journalists and analysts and introducing them to our exciting demos. For those of you who were not able to attend, here is a summary of what we had on display and how it was received.

Imagination at CES 2015 - booth (1)A panoramic view of our CES booth

Brandon Lewis, assistant managing editor for Embedded Computing Design, was very impressed by our MIPS M5150 MCU running two operating systems simultaneously. He writes:

I usually think of Imagination Technologies as primarily a big player in graphics, but a team of Imagination reps showed how through mergers, acquisitions, and a lot of innovation they’ve become much, much more. But perhaps one of the most surprising finds at the Imagination exhibit was how hardware virtualization translated into hypervisor development. Alexandru Voica showed me a demo of how the FEXEROX OX multi-OS platform developed by SELTECH Corp. securely executed an RTOS and Linux-based OS simultaneously on an Imagination MCU, enabling the pictured motor to continue running even when the Linux OS was rebooted.

You can read the full article.

Scott Wasson from The Tech Report also dropped by and was very interested to see our Creator CI20 microcomputer running OpenArena (a Quake III Arena mod) at 1080p while consuming less than 2.5W.

The always friendly Bill Wong from Electronic Design shot a few videos of our IoT demos, including a Sensium Vitals medical patch from Toumaz securely uploading healthcare data to the Internet using our FlowCloud platform.

A new framework for computational photography using GPU compute

The past week also saw the release of our PowerVR imaging framework for Android (covered by Gary Smith from Android Authority here) and a strategic partnership with Luxoft. The company’s Pixerra software video processing algorithms will enable OEMs to build better computational photography applications by utilizing OpenCL on PowerVR Rogue GPUs. The announcement was also covered by Electronics Weekly here and here.

I also met with the editors from and gave them an overview of our PowerVR graphics and ray tracing demos (video here) and showed the benefits of virtualization for MIPS CPUs in the context of wearable devices (video here). You can also read more about hybrid rendering using our PowerVR ray tracing technologies in this article from GPU Pro 6.

Nate Adcock from iPhoneLife Magazine got a tour of our entire booth and covered most of the devices on display in this article; he writes:

One key vendor we make sure to lock in on every year is the Imagination Technologies meeting rooms in South Hall at CES 2015 (way back in the corner). These guys are one of a select number of innovators that design the low-power, system on chip (SoC) technology needed to run our smart homes, smart cars, and smart mobile devices.

Every year I am awed at CES by the innovation on display, and every year I am yet even more amazed after leaving the Imagination Tech demo itself. It is among the top attractions at the show in my opinion.

Sean Kinney from RCR Wireless was also at our booth to look at our latest demos; you can find a few videos he shot inside our booth here.

Meridian Audio and Imagination announce MQA support for Caskeid

Another important announcement at CES 2015 came from Meridian Audio; the company announced that Caskeid will be the wireless streaming technology of choice for MQA, its new high-quality audio format. You can read more about this announcement inside the (web) pages of TechHive, Expert Reviews, What Hi-Fi? or Twice.

Imagination at CES 2015 - booth (2)Our connected home wall featuring multiple Pure Jongo wireless speakers

Speaking of What Hi-Fi?, both Tony King-Smith (EVP of Marketing) and Sir Hossein Yassaie (CEO) were on the Stuff Stage talking about Caskeid, Pure and Imagination Technologies; you can find both interviews embedded below.

We will continue to keep track of our CES 2015 press coverage via the official Imagination Storify account. If you want to see these demos (and many others more), come to our booth at MWC 2015; we will be exhibiting in Hall 6 on booth 6E30. Make sure you also follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech) for the latest news and announcements from Imagination.

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