Trina Watt

Trina Watt

Trina is VP of Product Management at Imagination. She has held a wide range of senior marketing leadership roles in companies ranging from startups to global technology leaders. With both engineering and business qualifications Trina translates technical concepts into succinct marketing messages, designed to maximise the business impact of marketing. Trina brings a wealth of knowledge to start-ups and scale-ups, enabling businesses to benefit from the business acceleration that a holistic, targeted business approach can bring.

Ray tracing and Fragment Shading Rate (FSR) in IMG DXT: a match made in heaven

Ray tracing in graphics technology is now enjoying mainstream success across desktop and console platforms and at Imagination, we believe it is time to.

Truly global illumination: ray tracing for the masses

In 2021, Imagination introduced the world’s first real-time, hardware-based ray tracing GPU solution designed to maximise the visual impact within the.